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Hello Mints, I'm wondering if I should get Clip Studio Paint since it's on sale. I have a mac and I've been using Firealpaca, I just wanted to know what think, and what version you have. Also, if it's as laggy as Photoshop or as smooth as SAi


Hi anon!

I’ve tried Firealpaca before and tbh I couldn’t really get it and switched back to Clip Studio Paint because it had more tools/had easier controls (in my personal opinion). I’ve been using the Japanese equivalent of Clip Studio Paint PRO for the past 2 years and it doesn’t lag so much for me unless I’m drawing in a huge canvas size or using too many layers (or using stabilizers). I have a friend that told me that CSP does lag his computer greatly though so I’m not very sure if there’s a difference????

I honestly find CSP’s brushes easier to lineart with than SAI’s (and a lot easier to blend with) but then again, people have disagreed with me on this before so hahaha. I won’t suggest getting the EX version though, because from what I can see, the EX version literally just allows you to save multiple drawings under 1 file, which is very useful if you’re drawing primarily for doujins. EX also allows you to auto outline the programme’s 3D and 2D vectors I think so you don’t have to line it yourself but ehhh I’d rather take the extra effort to line it than pay the extra $80 hahaha. But this is just what I think.

I suggest trying the demo version first and then pay if you like it ^_^

Hope this helps!

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Tokyo Ghoul print and badges for EOY next week!

I forgot my booth number but I’ll be with FNP. Do come and say hi, I’ll probably be sitting at the booth or walking about in HOPEFULLY Mako Mankanshoku cosplay~

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My preview for a Daichi-centric anthology me and Lain have been organising. My submission is a 14-page comic that is pretty self-explanatory hahaha. It was my first time drawing a comic and eyy it was exhausting but a really cool experience!! (Also I enjoyed putting Daichi in a seifuku).

For contributors who missed the preview update, please go here ^0^

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Hi everyone! Mints here! Just a quick update.

As you all know, we only have a little more than a week left before submissions are due so I wish everyone the best of luck with their pieces!

Lain and I have decided that we should put everyone’s previews up here so that those who are interested in purchasing a copy know what to expect. Once you’re done with your submission, you can post up a preview on your own tumblr, tag it under #daichibook and we’ll reblog it here for everyone to see. For those who do not have tumblr accounts, please send us a link via e-mail to your preview and we’ll upload it here with a source back to your gallery. If you don’t have a gallery, just email us the preview (I’ll be sending an email later on to remind everyone about this). 

Important note about previews:

Illust submission previews should contain 1/3 of the entire picture or less. Those who are submitting 4komas and comics should have previews that contain about 1-2 pages in content. Whether you want to include text in your previews will be up to you.

Also, if possible, please send us a small cropped square image so that we can compile them later into a single image of previews. If you don’t feel like sending one, it’s ok! We’ll help you do it, but I think it’s better if you get to choose what you want to crop right?

That’s all for now! As mentioned above, I’ll be sending an email about this to everyone. All the best!

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Will you have a booth at any cons this year???? ;v; And what merch will you be bringing?


Yes I will! If you’re in Singapore, i’ll be at EOY, ICDS and AFA for this year. 

About merch, I’ll….uh…..see what I can come up with ahaha. Possibly some Tokyo Ghoul/DMMD/Free! stuff if I can rush them out in time. Pokemon is also another series I will be doing ^q^ I probably won’t bring any of my old merch but if there’s demand for them I’ll see what I can do.

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What is this story about Sableye?


Oh it’s from this group on DA that was started by PurpleKecleon called PMD-Explorers?? Or was it PMD-E?? Anyway, sableye was one of the main characters and it just did lots of really creepy things….and i’m pretty sure PK and the team intended it that way hahaha.

I’m not sure if the DA group is still up or not but I’m pretty sure you can read the comics on PK’s DA. Hopefully they’re still there ^^

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Hello, artist. You're style is very professional and adorable. I hope you're having a lovely day

(/)///a///(\) aaaaaa thankk you so much!! I hope you have a lovely day too ;v;/

(also your icon is cute)

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Doodles amazing gym leaders + Elite Four.

Trying to use colours outside my usual palette.

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Your sableye picture was just uploaded by alternative-pokemon-art.


Wow……………… hard is it for them to reblog it instead of reposting it…..
Thanks for notifying me anon!

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The second half of DeSu2 palette memes~ All Daichis *v*)

Daichi in palette 2 for ezrodraws (I hope summer version is ok), Daichi in palette 15 for mangopops, and the last one is Daichi and DeSu2!MC with palette 19 (from another set) for 8bitbadguy

These were so fun to do aaa. I’ll start on the pokemon ones next time.

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